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} .ec_product_page_sort > select{ float:left; } " The best two day sales course that I have attended in my career. Then consider that the engine likely came out of a beaten-down work truck or a wrecked Camaro/Firebird or even a Corvette that was driven by someone with the same tendencies as Cole Trickle every day of its life. .ec_product_li:nth-child( 1n+1 ) .ec_product_editor{ left:227px; } " A great guide to sales but also a great guide to how to live your life. The fuel plumbing as well as the fuel pump will also require custom work to make an LS live in a Mustang, so you can expect that to drive up the cost significantly, which makes an affordable takeout LS-series engine a fair bit more expensive in the long run. .ec_price_container_type5{ background-color:#222222; } The gear ratios are: 1st: 2.84:1 2nd: 1.55:1 3rd: 1.00:1 4th: 0.70:1 Rev: 2.23:1. These were a great improvement to the previous ratios of 1st: 2.40:1 2nd: 1.47:1 3rd: 1.00:1 4th: 0.67:1 Rev: 2.23:1. .ec_product_quickview_content_quantity input[type="submit"]:hover, .ec_product_quickview_content_quantity input[type="button"]:hover, .ec_product_quickview_content_add_to_cart a:hover{ background-color:#666666 !important; } .ec_product_li, li.ec_product_li{ width:50%; } .ec_category_li{ width:100%; } " The class was very informative but more importantly it was very motivating! Kevin Ronbury, KC Auto Paint, Spokane WA", Squirrely Whirly Ii Game, from aircraft grade The Gen III / LS series crank bolt pattern is different than any other GM crank as to the bolt pattern on the flex plate. " Normans approach was fresh, comfortable and confidence-building. Jacquie Thompson, TD", LS Dual 1/8"npt Oil Feed Plate LS1 LS2 LS3 L98 L76. Super Class. Jimmy Faulkenberry, Kittrell Auto Parts, Havelock NC", 27. Obviously, the 4R70W is computer controlled. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. " Best training course in 10 years of banking. Jacquie Thompson, TD", .ec_details_magbox{ display:none !important } It makes a difference. Jayson Tuma, Automotive Paint Specialties", Talk to the experts. I will apply it everyday in my personal and work life. Doug Houston", Pilot Bushing made from Bearing Bronze Aluminum Dust Shield " Very worthwhile. {color:#8f8f8f;}ul.footer_links li Sales: (800) 891-2941 Tech Support: (800) 891-2941 Advance Adapters offers several transfer case adapters for adapting the AODE/4R70W. Best presenter I have ever had in the 11 years I have been in the industry. Adam Aricik, Auto-Wares", .ec_details_tabs{ color:#222222; } Picture spending at least over $5,000 to swap an LS engine into a Mustang and then realize you will have a stock high-mileage junkyard engine making about as much power as a modern V-6 Mustang. .ec_category_li:nth-child( 2n+1 ){ clear:both; } * FO601. .ec_details_price > .ec_product_price{ color:#000000; } TH350, TH400, 4L60E, 4L70E, 700R4, 200-4R, TR6060, and Ford AOD transmissions 4R100, 4R70W, C5; Made in Wichita, Kansas from aerospace grade, USA produced, billet aluminum ; Package Includes: 2 fittings and 2 orings; Skip to . .frame, .wp-caption, Theres nothing wrong with the 4.6L Modular V-8 engines, and chances are its already in the car unless you have a Fox-body or newer 5.0L Mustang. All rights reserved. #ec_current_media_size{ max-width:989px; } " This course was about 90% applicable to my daily circumstances. Designed to work with the new GM Gen V LT1, LT4, LT5 engines as well as the previous 8 bolt crank LSA and LSX engines. $59.95. .ec_details_right{ padding-left:0px; } Transfer Case Adapter, Ford, AODE, 4R70W Ttransmission to 1966-77 Bronco Dana 20 Transfer Case, Kit. .ec_cart_success_continue_shopping_button > a:hover{ background:#666666 !important; } Yes you read that right, you can now bolt up a small block C-4 C-6 AOD or 4R70W transmission to a Coyote 5.0L engine. But what about the guy who wants to run an older engine like a carberated 289 or 302? Ecotec Transaxle Adapter Plate Kit. " Norm is high energy and keeps you involved. Scott A. Clark, API Inc", .ec_category_li{ width:50%; } .ec_product_type6 .ec_product_meta_type6{ position:relative; width:100%; max-width:100%; margin-left:0; float:none; padding:15px; } .ec_product_star_on:before{ border-bottom-color:#222222; } 59. " Every aspect of the course was fine tuned and 100% related to what we deal with every day. Avery Young, Trail Appliances ", #comments ol.commentlist li .comment-body .comment-author, #cancel-comment-reply-link, .ec_category_li:nth-child( 1n+1 ){ clear:both; } /* ]]> */ Cant find your vehicle? a.ec_cart_empty_button{ background-color:#222222 } . .ec_details_customer_review_date > strong{ color:#222222; } This is an AODE / 4R70W / AOD transmission dip stick and filler tube. It can be had fairly cheap and is pretty darn reliable in most situations. $96.00. Give us a call at 316-300-0833 or fill out our online contact form. .author_info strong a, fadeoutDuration: 1, All prices are entered excluding tax. GIFT CARDS. Add to Wish List. .ec_product_type5 .ec_product_addtocart:hover{ background-color:#222222; } Has dual starter cut-out and break-away lower converter access cover. " The course gives clear vision and a set plan to help attack and capture more business in current accounts and a way to be successful in building a new customer base. David Johnson", It really doesnt make sense to swap an LS engine into a Mustang when you can buy a rebuilt small-block Ford 302ci from companies like Late Model Restoration for $1,000 and spend the rest of your budget buying some sweet go-fast parts. . I am thankful to work for a company that is willing to send me to a quality training course. Ezra Henderson", .ec_image_container_none, .ec_image_container_none > div, .ec_image_container_border, .ec_image_container_border > div, .ec_image_container_shadow, .ec_image_container_shadow > div{ min-height:310px; height:310px; } How Long Do Sleep Sounds Play On Google Home, LS V8; Ford 2.3 EcoBoost 2.3 Ecoboost Accessories; 2.3 Ecoboost Adapter Kit; 2.3 Ecoboost Crate Engine; Modular V8; Transmissions Tailhousings . 625 Heathrow Dr. Lincolnshire, IL. An easy-to-install kit for modifying the valve body of an AODE or 4R70W transmission . jQuery('#quoterotator').hide().html(this.quotes[this.i - 1]).fadeIn(this.fadeDuration * 1000).css('filter','').delay(this.delay * 1000).fadeOut(this.fadeoutDuration * 1000); " I can use everything in the course starting tomorrow morning. Joseph W. Wisdom", fadeDuration: 1, .ec_account_order_item_buy_button:hover, .ec_account_order_item_download_button:hover{ background-color:#666666; } " I feel refreshed and reenergized to start implementing what Ive learned. Karissa Schlaht, TD", .ec_cart_right > .ec_cart_header.ec_top{ margin-top:15px; } .ec_cart_input_row > a, .ec_cart_input_row > b, .ec_cart_input_row > strong, .ec_account_order_details_item_display_title > a{ color:#222222; } " Course is very beneficial for all sales roles and regardless of experience levels. Dorothy MacLeod", Ford Small Block V8. " I feel like my motivation to do the best I can has been re-established. Trevor Madry", {color:#424242;}.breadcrumb a:hover Quick View. " Very informative, not just a re-hash of other sales systems. Jim Richards", " By utilizing these practices I can see myself understanding my customers better. Brian B Newman, Auto-Wares", " Very effective tools were introduced and applied. Karim El-Zouhairi", Ford Big Block 429/460 to Ford 4R70W adapter kit - Bowler Transmissions Ford Big Block 429/460 to Ford 4R70W adapter kit FO1000102 $1,050.00 Add to cart Easily adapt a newer Ford AOD/AODE/ 4R70W overdrive automatic to your classic Ford big block engine. 2.) (a.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",n,!1),e.addEventListener("load",n,!1)):(e.attachEvent("onload",n),a.attachEvent("onreadystatechange",function(){"complete"===a.readyState&&t.readyCallback()})),(r=t.source||{}).concatemoji?d(r.concatemoji):r.wpemoji&&r.twemoji&&(d(r.twemoji),d(r.wpemoji)))}(window,document,window._wpemojiSettings); 1937 Chevy Bumpers, .ec_cart_button_row > .ec_account_button:hover{ background-color:#666666 !important; } > Show All Matching Vehicles. . .ec_cart_page a:hover, .ec_restricted a:hover{ color:#666666; } Ideas, Tools, Harnesses, etc. $19.95. .ec_details_right{ padding-left:0px; } Add to Wish List. I thought it was great and was very informative funny as hell at times also! David Key", From Cummins Diesels to classic car parts, Quick Draw Brand designs and manufactures some of the strongest parts and easy to install designs. These bellhousings have a 7" depth which is critical for this adapter to function. If you live in California this can be next to impossible for the average garage builder. " /> .ec_product_li:nth-child( 1n+1 ){ clear:both; } Donna Hay Pie, font-family:"Droid Serif"; $729.00. Here's the top 10 reasons why an LS engine swap could be a recipe for disaster in a Mustang! Manjit Is Writing An Argumentative Essay, .ec_quickview_view_details a{ color:#222222 !important; } Ford FE Block. (Shaft Only) $ 349.00 Select options * 48RE Overdrive Extension Housing. .ec_product_type3 .ec_product_addtocart:hover{ background-color:#222222; } Ignition Boxes. .ec_category_li{ width:100%; } This 168 tooth flexplate is drilled for multiple converter patterns and it will allow you to mate up to the GM LS 4L65E(11.063" bolt circle), 4L80/85E, & 6L80/6L90E transmissions. .ec_product_li, li.ec_product_li{ width:50%; } box-shadow: none !important; First and foremost engine selection can be key. " The class gave me a new, or refreshed, view of the sales process. Ken Haswell, Auto-Wares", " Gave a lot of insight on things we dont really think about improving and should. Samuel Cueras", } Conversion Kit Adapter. .ec_product_quickview_content_quantity .ec_minus, .ec_product_quickview_content_quantity .ec_plus{ background-color:#222222; } .ec_details_images, .ec_details_right, .ec_details_customer_reviews_left, .ec_details_customer_reviews_form, .ec_details_customer_review_date{ float:left; margin-left:0px; width:100%; } Location. .ec_product_li:nth-child( 1n+1 ){ clear:both; } .ec_product_li, li.ec_product_li{ width:100%; } Tim's Chips Near Me, .ec_product_li, li.ec_product_li{ width:100%; } I will admit I was not looking forward to it, but the information that Im taking I think will improve my sales and has made it worth while. Brian Forsythe, Automotive Paint Specialties, Grants Pass OR", .ec_cart_button_row a.ec_account_login_link{ background:none !important; background-color:transparent !important; color:#222222; } {color:#a8a8a8;}.breadcrumb Swap your 4L60E transmission to a stronger 4L80E transmission. Although the AODE/4R70W transmissions improvements have garnered a just worthy amount of respect, the electronics needed for conversions creates some challenges as well. Performance, QuickTime, TCI, McLeod, Performance Automatic, and more. .ec_product_type1 .ec_product_addtocart{ background-color:#222222; border-bottom-color:#666666; } Donna Hay Pie, Sale. i: 1, .ec_cartitem_quantity_table > tbody > tr > td > .ec_minus:hover, .ec_cartitem_quantity_table > tbody > tr > td > .ec_plus:hover, .ec_cartitem_quantity_table > tbody > tr > td > .ec_cartitem_update_button:hover{ background-color:#666666 !important; } (1) Adapter Plate Ford to Ford AOD(1) Block Plate - Ford351M/400M/429/460 to Ford AOD(1) Torque Converter Spacer - Ford 351M/400M/429/460 to Ford AOD(1) Starter Small Block Ford(1) Pilot Bushing(2) Dowel Pin 1/2 x 1(6) FHSCS 7/16-14 x 1-1/4(2) HCS 3/8-16 x 2 (Starter Bolts)(3) FLAT WASHER 3/8(2) LOCK WASHER 3/8(4) 7/16-20 x 3/4(4) EXTRA THICK HARD WASHER 7/16(4) FLANGE NUT 3/8-24(5) HCS 7/16-14 X 1 3/4(1) HCS 3/8-16 X 1 3/4, { "id":6610532597823, "title":"Ford Big Block 429\/460 to Ford 4R70W adapter kit","handle":"ford-big-block-429-460-to-ford-4r70w-adapter-kit", "description":"\u003ch3 data-mce-fragment=\"1\"\u003eEasily adapt a newer Ford AOD\/AODE\/ 4R70W overdrive automatic to your classic Ford big block engine. Shop. FTI PERFORMANCE GM TH400 ADAPTOR TO 2JZ A340 FACTORY BELLHOUSING, ALLOWS USE OF FACTORY TOYOTA BELLHOUSING ON TH400, SPECIAL CONVERTER NEEDED. .ec_details_images, .ec_details_right, .ec_details_customer_reviews_left, .ec_details_customer_reviews_form, .ec_details_customer_review_date{ float:left; margin-left:0px; width:100%; } LS Swap Adapters . How Long Do Sleep Sounds Play On Google Home, SKU : 551114 Transmission Adapter Fittings 6AN 6 AN TH400 TH350 4l60e 4l80e Ford AOD C5 4R70W $12.99 SKU : F06ANPS14 Transmission Adapter Fitting -6AN Flare Black 6 AN TH400 TH350 4l60E 4l80E 700r4 $7.99 SKU : F06ANPS14XL 4L80E Transmission Adapter Fitting Rear Port -6AN Flare 6 AN 4l80e Black Billet $8.99 " I can see where this can be adapted to all areas of life. Dave Houthofz", Our AOD 88+ kits can be used with the AODE/4R70W but they also require a minor plug shift kit under part # 716057 . if (this.numQuotes < 1){ " I would consider this as a necessary course to attend for anyone who is in sales. TRACK ORDER. Part Number: FTI-F2JZ4. " The focus on positive attitude is right on. No name given", .ec_details_manufacturer{ color:#666666 !important; } 4R70W Adapter? our ls oil cooler adapter allows you to use the standard m16 x 1.5 pressure switch and offer an additional 1/8npt port for the use of an aftermarket gauge or pressure switch. 4r70w 4x4.jpg. .ec_product_page_sort > .ec_product_page_showing{ margin:0; } SKU: FPS10 Category: LS Swap Motor Mounts. .ec_show_two_column_only{ display:none !important; } " Great class. With a few simple and cost-saving modifications, 1966 and newer Ford T18 and Ford NP435 transmissions can be used with most GM bellhousings, including full-circle or open-bottom types. Ford Flathead. Kiss Me Dpr Live Meaning, img.wp-smiley, Adapter kits and conversion parts all made in the USA. } .ec_product_type6 .ec_product_meta_type6 .ec_product_addtocart:hover, .ec_product_meta_type6 .ec_product_addtocart a.ec_added_to_cart_button:hover{ background-color:#666666 !important; } .ec_details_mobile_title_area{ display:block; } Fits 2003-2010. Ford Modular V8. Plus, we carry Advance Adapters bellhousings designed for specific engine swap applications. .ec_product_type6 .ec_product_meta_type6 .ec_product_addtocart:hover{ background-color:#666666 !important; } You dont have to worry about splitting the block at 500 hp when it comes to adding boost to the 4-valve 4.6L mod motor, and its not out of this world to see people running 600 hp on stock bottom ends. " So much information, and I can use all of it. .ec_product_li:nth-child( 2n+1 ){ clear:both; } Funny Poker Slang Terms, .client_logos_text, .ec_product_details_star_off{ border-bottom-color:#CCCCCC !important; color:#CCCCCC; } Excluding, Engine to Transmission Adapters (Bellhousings), Transfer Case Replacement Parts & Accessories, SHAFT- AOD TO BRONCO D20 27 x 6 / 52-2704, SHAFT- AODE (4R70W) OUTPUT TO BRONCO D20 / 52-2705E, RETAINER- D20 BEARING FOR BRONCO / 716223, Ford AODE , 4R70W & 4R75W Automatic 2 & 4 Wheel Drive 1992-2003. New (Other) $8.88. Toolbox. This 168 tooth flexplate is drilled for multiple converter patterns and it will allow you to mate up to the GM 4L80/85E, 6L80/6L90E, 8L90E, 10L80/90E transmissions. .ec_cart_page a, .ec_restricted a{ color:#222222; } Coyote Block Plate 4.6L, 5.4L & 5.0L Coyote Steel Block Plate, Bolt kit to attach your GM 4L60E/4L70E/4L80E transmission to an LS series engine, Torque converter spacer - Ford Modular Engine to Chevy 700R4/4L80E, Top steel bar assembly - CH10004/DO10001-01, One-piece design with integral ring gear, Specially selected aerospace grade alloy steel from USA steel mills, Proprietary 3-stage heat treating process, Hard machined to exacting tolerances (.002 TIR), Boninfantes proprietary stress proofing and finishing process, Tested to 20,000 RPM which exceeds SFI safety standard 29.2. he V6 transmissions will not work. Kiss Me Dpr Live Meaning, This adapter can be used to tap into a speed signal from a Holley Sniper EFI Stealth 4500 or a Holley Sniper EFI Quadrajet. Since a majority of our kits include a new main shaft, typically it does matter if the 4R70W is 2WD Or 4WD. Solutions can found in the use of a stand alone computer. In 1993 the AODE would undergo a name change to 4R70W. BC Broncos Ingram, T. Aug 27, 2013. .ec_product_type3 .ec_product_addtocart{ background-color:#222222 !important; } #ec_current_media_size{ max-width:1300px; } GM 3.6L. .ec_category_li:nth-child( 1n+1 ) .ec_product_editor{ left:227px; } " As a professional sales person, I felt I had the necessary tools and materials to build a foundation, but Norman provided the blueprint for me to build a mansion. Dick Palmer, Auto-Wares", kraft macaroni and cheese burger recipe,

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